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Our Story

         Reclaimed Cottage began as Signs & Such more than 8 years ago.  I had gone to drop my high-schooler off at practice and noticed a huge pile of pallets next to the district office. I went inside, asked if I could have them and after being told YES I began loading half of the 15 pallets into our SUV. When I got home I quickly unloaded the first batch and went back for the rest. Although, David was not pleased to have a whole garage full of pallets he didn't mind the business that derived from that pile of "junk". It was a definite family affair. All of our teens were able to help with some aspect of creating decorative, wooden signs. It was a great way to teach them about hard work and creativity and how to start a business.  After a short time, I began to paint old furniture and sell that. Once again David and the kids were helpful in the entire process. Usually, the older boys would go with me to pick up the pieces and the girls would help decide colors and help take handles off and paint right alongside me. I must say a few of our kids have some definite skills!   

           The furniture was a lot of fun to paint and do creative techniques on. Within 6 months I had painted over 150 pieces of furniture and wanted to try something new. David and I spoke with a couple of friends of ours about having us do their kitchen cabinets for cheap due to the fact we had never done them before. We quickly realized how much labor goes into painting kitchen cabinets and how much we LOVED the end results! One sweet couple let us use their cabin in Big Bear in exchange for us painting the cabin kitchen cabinets and fireplace.  It was an awesome trade and I will be forever grateful for the precious memories from the times we spent there. From there it was one kitchen after another.  Which led to staircases, bathroom vanities, more fireplaces and front doors. It has been amazing to look back and see the progression of this small business, Reclaimed Cottage!

            I feel very fortunate and truly blessed to be able to do what I love! 

About the owner



I am a lover of all things beautiful and creative.  I enjoy cooking, entertaining, decorating and traveling! I would much rather spend money on home decor and fresh flowers than on beauty products or clothes. I have been a mom since I was 21 and have learned so much over the past 21 years. I am in a new season of my life... my older 4 children are now all adults and I only have my lil boy, Davis at home.  It is very strange not having a house full of children.  I love meeting new people and challenging myself with new projects. I am truly thankful for the life I have been blessed with.

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