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The family behind Reclaimed Cottage


David and I met 12 years ago when he rented a room from my next door neighbor. I was a single mom to Xavier, my biological son and fostering 6 other children 3 of which are now my daughters. At the time we were a few months away from my daughters' adoption being finalized. I will never forget the day we met. Xavier was looking out the window and saw David playing catch with his 4 kids. Xavier was on a travel ball team and loved playing baseball but is also my most shy child, he asked me if I would go ask if he could play too. I quickly said no. I was in the middle of something. My youngest daughter Ellie walked outside and asked if her brother could play with them. Of course David and his kids said yes and that was the beginning of many years of memories that have been shared as a big, crazy family!

David and I welcomed our sweet, Davis into the world 4 years later. Davis has brought us all closer, as he is a culmination of all of his 8 siblings! In 2016 David and I moved from Southern California, where we both grew up, to Ashland, OR. We loved our time in Ashland. It is a very quaint, small town with beautiful scenery, small shops, and amazing restaurants. All within walking distance of our home. During our time there we celebrated David's 50th birthday, hosted many gatherings, had a beautiful garden and raised chickens. David and I both love to entertain.

David and I have been painting cabinets for over 6 years. Our children have helped along the way. Being self employed has been a huge blessing for us. We have overcome many challenges and always continue moving forward and setting and accomplishing new goals for ourselves. In the summer of 2019 we decided to do something completely out of the box... sell everything, get a trailer and live and work on the road!




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